Onita Boone is a singer with a big heart and a deep soul. Her heart and soul are evident in each note she sings.

As a child, Onita’s singing both impressed and convinced those who heard her unique and powerful voice.
Onita’s voice has taken her to the hallowed halls of great cathedrals and in honored places such as Radio City Music Hall., The Shrine Auditorium in California and to Broadway as well. She has sung with great stars – Patti LaBelle, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Karen Clark Sheard (who she also studied voice with) and Big Bands such as WDR and The HR Big Band and with Philharmonic and Symphonic Orchestras – Her singing experience is diverse and thorough!
She has experience in genres such as Jazz, R&B, Funk, Soul, Rock, Gospel and even Opera

Through her hard work Miss Boone gained a lot of great experience.

Because Onita incorporates all of her experiences into her teaching each students benefits from her experiences!
Onita’s concept is crystal clear and well thought out. Her singing method is a fine balance between technique and musicality.

Schedule an appointment with Miss Boone TODAY. You won’t regret it.






Nica of Nica and Joe
“Thank you Onita for being a great support as a Vocal Coach and as a friend. You inspired me as an Artist and as person and helped me to get the best out of me. I always enjoyed our lessons !” Big Kiss, Nica

Joe of Nica and Joe
“Onita- Boone is such a talented graceful human being an artist ! Nica and my first album would not have been what it was without her inspiration and professional touch! Nica and I are grateful for her guidance and love!” Joseph Guyton



“Onita is just fantastic! 8 months with her and my voice has completely changed, it is so much better! She is passionate and has the talent to communicate her taste of perfection! She is a role model for me!” Emilie



Edita Abedieski 
(X-factor Gewinnerin 2010)
“Onita Boone würde ich jedem als Gesangs Coach/Lehrer empfehlen…bei dieser Frau gibt es keine Grenzen, sondern immer neue Ziele die man auch erreicht!”



Terri B!
dance music artist & songwriter
“Onita gave me the education i needed to strengthen my voice and fine tune my organ, she is the master”



Teddy – Tedros Teclebrhan
“Sie ist die beste Lehrerin mit der ich bis jetzt gearbeitet habe, sie weiss wovon sie spricht, danke für Deine Unterstützung!”


Onita Boone


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